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How Can I Help? / I Need Help


Do you need help or can you help in these areas:

·         Keep in Touch.  Call this a phone ministry.  Its aim is simply to be aware of the condition of the vulnerable and to be an encouraging word during this time they are to be isolated.  If needed, possibly even to bring food and other necessities to them.

·         Child-Care Options.  This is not a request to set up a new child-care facility, but rather to work family to family.  Maybe someone who is not elderly or have an underlying health concern and has the time and inclination could help someone struggling because of work demands and the loss of the usual hired child-care assistance.

·         Financial Support.  Congress has passed a huge financial assistance package that will clearly take time to get to those who are in need.  Until that happens there may be people who have an immediate need (rent/mortgage assistance, food, utilities) that our parish might be able to assist.


Contact the St. James Stewardship Committee if you need help our would like to help (Bobbie Feldhaus at / 402-677-1213) or Katie Walz (  / 402-709-9793).

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